Richard Bentley

Photography & films by Richard Bentley.

Richard is a British photographer and time-lapse filmmaker. He has been based in the gulf region since January 2014.

His "Desert Rose" exhibition can be seen at Katara, Qatar from 1st July to 25th July 2018 between the hours of 10am and 10pm.

Born in Nottingham, England Richard always had an interest in the moving and the still image. One of his fondest memories is using his father's 8mm cinema camera to create stop motion films of action figures in the family back garden, and borrowing his father's 35mm film camera for his college art projects.

He was educated in London in Communication and Information Studies, where he specialised in video production, in particular film editing. He also worked for the the university, teaching students and lecturers about the operation of production equipment. His final thesis was on cinéma vérité.

In 1994 he moved to Denmark, where he embarked upon a Masters Degree in computer science, before converting a part time job as a TV director into a full time position at a Danish sports channel, followed by a position at Denmark's Radio television for several years as a transmission director and promotions editor.

The year 2000 saw Richard's return to the UK, where he worked for the BBC as a news director and field producer, followed by several years as a video journalist, later training over 3,000 journalists, video editors and camera operators to shoot, edit and voice their own stories. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and, as a life long learner understands the importance of change and new ideas. 

It wasn't until 2010 that Richard picked up his first digital stills camera. He was working for a company called Avid that produces tools for creatives, filmmakers and musicians, and had travelled to over 45 countries when he decided it was time to 'document' his travels through photography, which quickly turned into a passion for time-lapse photography after seeing the work of Ron Fricke and Godfrey Reggio. Time was always tight and he would spend evenings 'discovering' his new passion and the cities he visited. Often editing his time-lapse films on the flight home, he was now captivated by this new medium and he is completely self taught in both still photography and time-lapse photography and workflows. 

His time-lapse and photography work has now been associated with international fashion brands, used in feature length movies and documentary films and he has exhibited at Katara Cultural Village in Qatar. He also pitched, voiced and shot the time-lapse sequences for a one hour documentary on architecture and our place in the built environment for the Al Jazeera English channel which was broadcast internationally. You can see this documentary here on his website. 

Richard Bentley, photographer.